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I will  be updating this blog weekly; sometimes the information will be about the books for sale here at the webstore, or the quilts that are there. Sometimes it will be about our new adventure, the Quilt Shop that we are starting to fill the hole for stitchers that has existed since our loss of Cressy's 5 and 10. And sometimes, it will just be an update to let you know generally of things that are happening in our small business world. 

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The neglected page...

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This blog has been replaced by one that focuses on the quilt shop that is featured in the webstore page. I apologize for the inconvenience this may pose.

The new url for the Quilters' Quarters blog is http://AtQuiltersQuarters.blogspot.com. I invite you to read there of current happenings in the shop. 

You might also enjoy reading my other blog, focusing on the books I've written and those I've reviewed:  http://TerrysThoughtsandThreads.blogspot.com

You can also read reviews of my own books (reviews written by readers at Amazon, Goodreads and other sites) at the webstore page of this website: http://www.terrycrawfordpalardy.com/apps/webstore/products/category/978166?page=1

September through October 2015

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Special Row by Row™ Hibernation Period Sale: 15% DISCOUNT 9/8/15 - 10/31/15.

Visit our webstore page! 

Middle of September!

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This summer flew past us, as we were very busy keeping up with more than 200 visitors to our shop during the Row by Row 2014 shop hop in July and August.  We've sold over a hundred kits to go with our Beyond Winter Windows free pattern, and more more than a hundred and fifty "Happy Quiolter" license plates!  Our Sew a Season fabric is nearly depleted; we do still have the season blenders (see web store page) and can offer Spring, Summer and Autumn kits, but come November we will not have the winter trees for the winter kits to resume. It is possible that I will find something comparable to substitute for that very popular row kit.

I've added more fabrics to our web store, and will continue to add notions and other products that quilters are looking for. If there is something specific that you would like to see on our webstore, send me an email and let me know, and if i can find it, I will!

More new fabrics expected in two weeks!

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Quilters' Quarters is participating in the nation-wide all summer long shop hop. You can read more about the shop hop at our quilt shop blog, here.  I'm very excited that the new fabric will be coming in. Also ordered and on its way are the collectible fabric license plates for our shop. Each shop participating in the Row by Row shop hop will have a license plate, and quilters will be collecting them as they travel throughout the summer.  Here's what mine will look like: of course, following my 'business plan,' they key word in my plate is true to my goals: 

Spring is (well, almost) Here!

Posted by Terry on April 10, 2014 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Yes, the temperature has been above freezing for the past three days, so we can officially call this a no-freeze-streak. The last of the snow piles are down to less than a foot where they still exist (although I haven't been to a supermarket parking lot, so no guarantees there.)

Rick and I have been busy adding to the quilt shop, with Rick building more cabinets and our buying more fabric. I've added a Facebook page titled Quilters' Quarters to widen the exposure of our quilt shop. And the good weather is encouraging more people to step out of their homes and drop in to our shop. Life is good!

Book sales continue, albeit slowly. I haven't worked on the 2nd in the mystery series at all this month, though I thought once I would have been finished and editing it by now. It is still percolating .... and I don't want to rush it. So it will be a while before it is ready for publication. Quite a while.

Sometimes, I take on too much at once. I have to step back, then, and decide which of the balls that are in play are glass and must be handled with care, and which can be allowed to fall for now. We have a chance to build momentum with our quilt shop in the good weather of Spring, and so we'll keep prioritizing time for that.

Except, this weekend is fully booked with other activitiess; tomorrow is the quilt show in Manchester, NH, and Saturday is the MS Walk in Newburyport, MA. So, though we'll be here for the shop a part of each of those days, we'll have neighbors watching it for us during those events.

Here's a peek at our new fabric cabinets. You can see more at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quilters-Quarters/609956192422372, or at our new blog  http://AtQuiltersQuarters.blogspot.com.  See you there?

Happy End of Winter! 

The New Year Begins with a Blizzard!

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Wow - Happy New Year! I love snow days ~ always have, as a child, and then as a teacher with children. The snow storms of our childhoods always seem larger in our memories than they may have been. That may be because we were smaller and snow piles at the curb were always over our head, even if there was only a foot of snow.

I'm remembering when the City of Boston would close certain streets in neighborhoods ... streets that had hills, and there were plenty of hills in South Boston. The DPW would drop a bundle of sand (not salt, sand) at the bottom of the hill but leave the hill itself unsanded and unplowed. That created public recreation areas in many neighborhoods. Kids would gather, parents would watch out of windows (it didn't matter if they were his parents, or yours, they would watch and "throw open the sash" and yell if they saw any dangerous play. It has always 'taken a village" to raise the next generation of kids.

What do you suppose would be the reaction today if cities and towns decided to close select streets throughout the neighborhoods to both save time for the DPW workers who had to clear major arteries and to provide recreation for kids home from school for a few extra days? 

I also remember the city flooding Columbus Park in our neighborhood, so that we had our own skating rink for most of the winter. Older brothers would clear the ice with wooden planks attached to old broom handles and establish lines for a hockey game. When they were done with the clearing and the game the rest of us would be able to skate there. 

My first pair of skates were "double runners" that buckled onto my boots. Later, when I grew into them, I had a pair of black hockey skates.. We didn't have special skating socks .... just doubled up on our knee socks. "Mr. T" did not invent the style of mis-matched socks!

Gloves vs mittens was always an issue: as little kids, we wore mittens and our hands were always warm. When we became style-conscious (usually not 'til we were teenagers, mercifully) we would want gloves, but would soon realize the advantage of having our fingers close together to keep warm, and we often balled up our fist in the hand portion of the gloves, leaving the empty-glove-fingers flapping loose.

When we became very good at skating (which was hard to do, in floppy hockey skates) we might brave the cold without gloves or mittens, using our pockets instead, and skating "look dad, no hands!"  

We were always outside, unless it was meal time or bed time. No wonder homework was lighter then. Teachers knew that parents wanted us outside when we were home from school. Sometimes our homework was to be done outside ... I remember bending down in the slush of the gutter tracing the numbers of license plates onto yellow math paper in first grade.

The blizzard of 2014 is winding down. We have about 22 inches on the ground in places ... in other places, it has compressed down to about a foot or so. We're at 99% humidity, the temperature is two degrees above zero, and the windchill is -9. This is a great improvement over last night, when windchill was estimated at -20, and real temps were in the negative numbers.  We left our faucets on a slow stream (drips don't work in negative temperatures.)


This storm will be one for the young memories ... an extra two no-school-snow-days tacked onto the end of the Christmas vacation is a boon to the kids who weren't ready to go back to school. It's a boon for their teachers, too. And for the parents who enjoy their children ... more happy vacation time. For those who want peace and quiet ... there is always the snowy outside for thekids' playground. Just remember the mittens, hats and neighborhood streets!

Holiday Shop Hop December 14th 2013

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Hi all,

This Saturday will be the Holiday Shop Hop in Georgetown, Massachusetts.  We'll be open for our regular hours (11 am to 7 pm) and may even open early for the day, at 10 am.

Pick up your flyer (the one you received in your Georgetown Light Bill, if you live in town) and bring it with you so that we can verify your attendance. Rick and I each have a participating Shop Local business, so you'll get two credits for coming our way.

By visiting ten small businesses, you can finish up at Scala Art Center and turn in your flyer for a chance to win the basket of prizes. Each participating business has added something to the basket. 

On the fourteenth, we'll once again have door prizes, cocoa, cookies, discounts and more.  We're offering a 15% discount for your highest-priced item in the Quilters' Quarters, and one in the Wooden Toy and Gift shop; we also have a limited supply of print copies of The Quilter's Quarters, my first in  title in the new mystery series ~ this one is an introduction of the two main characters, Henry and Helen, accompanied by the full color quilter's journal.  You can purchase it in the shop, or online through the web store of this site, for much less than Amazon is offering it. Of course, you could also buy the kindle or nook versions at Smashwords, but there are no color pictures in the journal (just quilt descriptions.) Still, it's a good read, either way.

And on the day after the Holiday Shop Hop, Georgetown Fire Department is holding its annual "Santa Tours the Town" parade on Sunday, December 15th, bringing the US Marine Corps' Toys for Tots trucks to every street in town, collecting new, unwrapped toys for all ages.  Georgetown has donated well over 30,000 toys in the past decade of such days. We're a proud supporter of this effort, and encourage you to participate, too. You can leave your donations with us if you're going to be out of town that day. But who would want to be out of town? A chance to see Santa pull down their street, with the Marines and the Fire Department entourage? No way! It's one of the most exciting days in town!

Opening Day!

Posted by Terry on November 30, 2013 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)

We had our mini-grand opening on Small Business Saturday today. The Quilters' Quarters was visited by about a dozen friends and new friends. We sold a few cosies, pots and all, and some small wooden gifts.  As expected, no one is just beginning a quilt at the end of November, but that will come in time as the holiday season winds down and the long winter season begins.

It's been so cold this week one might think it is already winter, but that doesn't begin until the few days before Christmas. The days are darker and darker now, though, and the beginnings of the Christmas lights will help to brighten our streets.  Darkness seems to arrive by 4:30 pm now; the temperatures this weekend have been in the twenties all day long, and lower at night. 

The fat quarters were a hit as door prizes. And customers drew secret discount coupons from a bag at check-out, and had 10%, 12.5% or 15% taken off their total purchase. I forgot to do that with one of our customers, so I sent her a gift certificate for her discount amount. :)

Looking forward to more weekends like this one, with the Christmas music playing softly in the background and customers happily exploring all the little nooks and crannies of our shop.

If you haven't been here in a while, please come back. It's changed quite a bit, and will continue to grow as we have a chance to ask our friends what they'd like us to carry in the way of notions and fabrics. We've added the gas heat to the front of the shop, and Rick keeps the woodstove going at the back. 

In two weeks we'll have the Holiday Shop Hop around Georgetown, and we'll do the mulled cider and hot cocoa with cookies and treats again!

The Quilter's Quarters is now in stock!

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The Quilter's Quarters is now available here in the webstore and at Amazon.com.  It will take another week or two to post it to Smashwords for Nook, but the Kindle version is ready at Amazon.  Amazon requires a very high price for the paperback in order to assure their profit, due to the many full color photographs of my thirty or so quilts in the second half of this two-part book. I am not as concerned about profit and am offering it here a bit above my own cost of printing and shipping. 

The kindle version did not capture all of the photographs, and for that I apologize (though it is their technology, not mine, that had the issue with the pictures of some of the quilts.) The pictures are clear in the print version. We'll see, in time, how Smashwords does with the images.

Part one is a novelette introducing the characters Henry and Helen, an elderly couple in their late-seventies / early-eighties who are living in an old house with a barn, in which they have a woodworking shop, a quilt shop and a toy store. This is the introduction to a series of mystery books that will feature Helen and Henry, titled Mysteries in The Quilter's Quarters. 

Part two of this special edition is an annotated journal of my quilts, in color photographs and brief stories telling of the circumstances of each quilt's creation, and the person or people to whom the quilt is given.  These quilts will sporadically play a role in the upcoming volumes of Mysteries in the Quilter's Quarters.  The second volume is titled Winter Wonder in The Quilter's Quarters.  Stay tuned!

If you are located out of the United States, please contact me by email ([email protected]) for a shipping estimate before ordering here at the site, or visit Amazon to download the Kindle version or order a print copy from them. www.amazon.com/dp/B00GNDEY6Y or search the title of the book at Amazon.com.

I wll do my best to get a reasonable price for shipping from the post office for international orders. My print price is significantly lower than Amazon's, as they need to cover their service and handling as well as shipping.

Enjoy the story: you can preview part one at the Amazon link whether you purchase from them or not. 


Posted by Terry on November 1, 2013 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Our Quilt Shop is coming closer and closer, and the new book is as well. The Quilter's Quarters is in final proofing and if all is well it will be sent to print in about a week. It will be in hand well in time for the Quilt Shop opening on the thirtieth of November. 

Rick and I will be making another shopping trip to the quilt supply wholesaler this coming week to pick up more threads, batting and fabrics. We'll also go through the notions floor carefully, looking for the basics for quilters and stitchers: pins, needles, small scissors, embroidery floss and perhaps a few more patterns.

Getting excited about this new venture!:)


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