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Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oil


Antique Sewing Machines were manufactured in the days when oil was less expensive, and they do require oiling and use to run as smoothly as the day they were built. The tip of this bottle can be pulled up, revealing an extension tube or "Zoom Spout" that makes placing those essential single drops of oil in each designated area on a treadle machine much easier and more accurate.

Many modern machines are electronic and sealed differently than the old ones, and unless your user manual instructs you to oil, your new machine may not need nor welcome SMO. Always refer to your manual.

Sewing machine Oil also works well to clean the surface of antique sewing machines. By wiping it on with a soft cloth, the machine's decals will not suffer as much damage as cleaning with water and soap would cause. 

When sewing machine oil gets old, it darkens to a yellow or even brown color. This means it is becoming thicker and will be less effective in helping your machine to run smoothly. Fresh sewing machine oil is white or clear in color.  We do not stock larger containers of sewing machine oil for this reason. 

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