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Valentine's Day Contest fabrics 1/2 yard cuts (or more)


Snoopy and friends, Yoga Cats and beautiful roses carry the message that Valentine's Day is near. Quilters' Quarters is holding Valentine's Day Contest, and these are the fabrics that may win you a gift certificate in the contest! 

All of these are quilt quality fabrics created and produced by Quilting Treasures, an employee-owned fabric company.

Please select your fabric from the drop-down menu and also make a note in the comment section below to be sure you'll receive the right fabric in the right cut size.  These fabrics are priced by the half-yard but can be cut to your desired size: if you want a two yard cut for a quilt, order 4 units (half yard each) and write in the box that you want it cut as one two-yard piece. 

See details for the Valentine's Day Contest at this site: http://atquiltersquarters.blogspot.com/2 014/12/hearts-ahead.html

Please specify fabric here, and if quantity is more than one half yard, identify the length that you would want it cut as (example: ordering 2 units, cut as one yard piece.)

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