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Special Combined Thimble / Book Order

$25.00 $28.49

These special customer thimbles bear the image of the front cover for the first book in the series, Mysteries in The Quilter's Quarters.  If you purchase the thimble and the book together, you'll receive a 20^ discount on the thimble, priced at $10 rather than $12.50

The paperback book, full of color illustrations of thirty of my quilts, some of which will become a part of the stories in the series, is listed at Amazon.com for $22.88, but I am selling it, autographed, for $15.99 at the shop. To round out the special offer of the combined purchase, the book will be priced at $15.00, making a total  purchase of $25.00 for book and thimble.

The thimbles are available only as long as they last; there are ten in stock. 

Thimbles and books can be purchased separately elsewhere on this Web Store page, or in the shop.

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